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The elementary program at Summit View encompasses 1st through 6th grade. Students receive direct, intensive instruction in the basic skills of reading, writing, mathematics, and study skills. Learning comes alive through classroom and small group participatory, interactive, hands-on, multisensory instruction in a stimulating and motivating environment. In the core subject areas of science and social studies, the California State Framework and Content Standards are followed at each grade level. Class size is limited to twelve students.


Research-based multisensory intervention programs such as The Wilson Reading System and Read Naturally are used to improve phonemic awareness, phonics, reading fluency, and sight word recognition. In writing, students learn about the rules of grammar, parts of speech, topic sentences, paragraph structure, and more as they work through the writing process using Step Up to Writing and The Sentence Writing Strategy. Students learn comprehension and vocabulary through grade level literature anthologies and novels.


Students build math skills through a cumulative, sequential process starting at their level of competence. Students learn to perform everyday problem solving tasks and to integrate math concepts and skills through real life scenarios.  Through hands-on activities, students progress through basic numerical operations to fractions, decimals, percents, geometry, different systems of measurements, as well as data analysis with ratios, graphs, and equations.


Students are also given the opportunity to develop their innate talents in creative and performing arts and in team sports through participation in art, music, and physical education classes.


As students progress through the elementary grades, they begin to apply their basic skills in a variety of learning contexts and continue to develop the fundamental academic building blocks.

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